What’s up with money?

I have been working with my own coach on untangling where and why I get hooked in my relationship with money. And more importantly, where I get tricked into believing that my bank account defines my personal value and worth. Through this humbling and also enlightening journey with my coach, I have realized that the most important gift has been gaining awareness of the areas where I have been stepping out of my own experience with ABUNDANCE!

As Deepak Chopra so wisely stated, “Money is really a symbol of the life energy we exchange and the life energy we use as a result of the service we provide to the Universe.” In continuing to focus on paper money as the only “currency”, I miss so much abundance in life!

After one of our sessions, I took myself on a self-guided trip into my own bank vault of life. Sitting in a comfortable space and closing my eyes, I began to envision as many people as I could recall connecting with recently. I allowed myself to recall and FEEL what those situations brought to me physically. I felt into the phone calls I made and received that week, the hugs I gave and allowed, the random smiles that I shared that week with strangers, the times I allowed myself to stay those extra moments in the presence of my children (both human and furry), the mornings where I heard the birds and squirrels chattering outside my window, the red of the sunset emerging below the clouds, the breath I’m taking at this moment which reminds me that I am alive. I began to notice how filled up my body and heart was feeling….as if someone had stuck a whole bunch of Lite Brite pegs into my entire being!

No one (except myself) gets to decide my worth and value and I am inviting myself to continue to remind myself that “currency” comes in all types of ways. So when I have those moments of fear and lack and “not enough,” I can gently remind myself to shift into a truer experience of wealth…..and remember that if I stay open to authentically giving and receiving all types of currency (emotional, physical, spiritual, natural) I will always be living in abundance and plenty.