Life Coaching Services


martha-beck-institute-logoWhen you know what you want, but can’t seem to make it happen, it’s incredibly frustrating. This is where life coaching can help! I have been trained by the Martha Beck Institute in a collaborative form of coaching. I will partner with you to uncover what is getting in your way of making desired change and provide you tools you can use to move through your roadblocks and shift into the motivation and action that will move you forward and help you engage in the life you desire.

Get clarity, discover your passion, and take the action steps that will make your dreams a reality. You can create meaning, achievement, health and happiness. I can help you identify the obstacles that have been holding you back, and cultivate the strengths that will help you break free.

If you choose to work with me we will find the JOY and FUN in your life so that you can LIVE!!!!  If you partner with me, some things we will play around with are:

    • iStock_000005171855_resizedGet to the root of your frustration
    • Understand the issues that block your success
    • Identify solutions that work for you
    • Create a strategy to move forward into the future
  • Develop patterns of thought and behavior that enable you to maintain your strategy in the long term

Life Coaching can be done very successfully over the phone or in person.  I recommend committing to at least 3 sessions to get movement really going.  Sessions are $175/hour and are 50 minutes in length.


Life Coaching:   $150/single session    or     $500/4 sessions
Equine Assisted Life Coaching:  $225/single 1 hour session or 3 hour session/$575 (must be used for a 3 hour continuous session)
Equine Assisted Life Coaching Package:  $575 for one hour Equine Assisted Life Coaching session plus 3 follow up Life Coaching sessions

Contact Kelley today for a free consultation, or to get more information about Life Coaching in conjunction with Equine Assisted Life Coaching for best results.