About Coach Kelley

Masters Degree in Social Work, University of Missouri-Kansas City

B.A., Medieval History, Rhodes College

Certifications:  Martha Beck Institute  |  Koelle Institute

For many years I practiced more traditional therapeutic methods through my work as a Social Worker and practitioner of traditional therapy.  While I am a huge supporter of many traditional forms of therapy, I wanted MORE!  I began looking for ways to find MORE in my own life.  More joy, more healing, and more understanding about what lights me up and makes me who I uniquely am.

I wanted to find a type of healing work that could empower myself and others not just to exist in the world, but to really LIVE!  This is how I found Life Coaching.  First as a client and now as a practitioner.  I love the power of partnering with others on the path of healing and assisting them with the creation of their own personal framework to change their own lives!  In this style of Life Coaching, that means learning how to access the amazing wisdom of our own bodies as well as playing around with how our thoughts guide our beliefs and actions. And bringing in the wisdom of nature can provide us with a massive support system.  These tools can help us unlock and unearth the answers that we already hold inside of each of us.  And it is these answers that change our lives and shift the ways in which we engage in the world.

I have found that as I grow more, become a braver liver and become more aware of how I show up in this life of mine, I move closer and closer towards a full engagement of life….and have more energy to take on whatever challenges or opportunities life tosses my way.

martha-beck-institute-logoWe are the only ones that get to decide what our life looks like and the only ones who write our own story as we move through this world.  As we start to shift, we can begin noticing our own unique way of showing up in life and become more aware of what energy we put back into the world.  And the best part, is that life can feel more like a journey that we are actively participating in and less like a slog of random events that tosses us around the ocean of life.

If you are wanting more clarity about your own unique life experience and are interested in how to engage more fully with life in general, then Life Coaching and Equine Assisted Life Coaching can be powerful tools.  If you want to bring more joy, fun and living into your world, I would be honored to partner with you in that journey.

Life Coaching can be done in person or over the phone.  Equine Assisted Life Coaching must be done in person.  If you would like more information about either of my Coaching options, please contact me.