Equine Assisted Life Coaching

I have trained with both the Martha Beck Institute and the Koelle Institute to learn the skills to fully facilitate an Equine Assisted Life Coaching experience.  This type of Life Coaching is playful, personal and deeply shifting.  Bringing a horse into the Coaching experience provides an experiential aspect to the helping process by actually providing a physically interactive experience.  The added benefit of being out in a beautiful natural environment can expand the experience even further.

Horses are extremely sensitive teachers and can reveal and mirror back to us so much information about how we show up in the world.  They show us quickly all of the gifts we bring by simply being who we are, as well as helping us see where we get in our own way in life.  All work is done on the ground and involves no actual riding.  No previous horse experience is necessary.

The option of following up your Equine Assisted Life Coaching experience with Life Coaching can assist you with the integration of what you discovered in the Equine Coaching experience.  Please let me know if you have additional questions about either style of coaching!


Life Coaching:   $150/single session    or     $500/4 sessions
Equine Assisted Life Coaching:  $225/single session or $575/3 hour session (must be used as a 3 hr. continuous session)
Equus Package:  $575/single (1 hour) Equine Assisted Life Coaching session plus 3 follow up Coaching sessions
*special pricing available for military/first responder
*payment plans available upon request


F.A.Q.s about Equine Assisted Life Coaching

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